Tuesday, September 10, 2013

my unique blog

Someone once made a comment about my blog which I found a bit hurtful but have now realized that he was just a narrow minded human being who couldn't appreciate uniqueness if it hit him right in the face.

He said, "How come your blog doesn't have a niche? You talk mostly about what happens in your life and relationships. No one can relate to that." Ouch.

However, past forward to a few months later, I realize that what he said was absolutely not true. My blog is unique in the sense that I have yet to encounter a blog that discusses relationships to the extent that I have and still manage to cover events, talk about parenting, family, and arts.

My blog is unique because its all about me but people still manage to relate to it because it is also what happens in other people's lives that they can't or won't talk about. I discuss things that people talk about in private and I share it not to shock others but to show them that its okay to feel that way or to talk about these things.

It's okay. My blog has been alive for 7 years now and I say it's okay.

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