Thursday, August 22, 2013

Wooden Spoon

JJ and I had been planning to go have dinner at Wooden Spoon since last week. However, due to some unforeseen events (her lovelife got resurrected and then I had to meet a friend,) it didn't push through until earlier tonight. Even with the possible rain, I decided that we should just go ahead and do it since it might not push through anymore if we kept delaying it.

Thankfully, my decision proved to be right. Wooden Spoon is hole in the wall resto owned by Chef Sandy Daza. It's located across Miriam College in Katipunan.

The interiors were quite simple but had a homey feel to it.

JJ and I ordered the Fiesta Rice Php155 which was good for 2-3 persons, the Adobo Flakes Php195, and the Wooden Spoon Crispy Chicken Php195.

The Fiesta Rice was a bit salty but not too salty. For someone who is not a fan of salty things, I actually liked their Fiesta Rice and how the tomato, salted egg, smoked fish, and Chinese chorizo all blended. It was definitely something worth trying.

The Adobo Flakes were pretty good as well. I've actually learned to not like this as it has always been disappointing but thankfully, this time I was wrong. It was crispy and flakey. It had taste even in the smallest strips.

The Wooden Spoon Crispy Chicken was another revelation. It was crispy on the outside but definitely soft on the inside. We actually finished the entire plate. It was cooked the Korean Way and can definitely give Smopers or even Bon Chon a run for their money.

The pandan crepe is hands down the winner of the night. Its a pandan crepe filled with local ice cream sprinkled with chocolate syrup and topped with pinipig plus spicy peanuts. Yes, you read that right. SPICY peanuts. The blend of the sweetness and creaminess of the ice cream plus the chocolate drizzle and pinipig along with hints of spice was just AWESOME! It was definitely something different but in a really good way.


Thank you JJ for this wonderful treat. It was truly worth the travel and I'm simply thankful that though I was boring at first, you stayed and became my friend. :)

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