Monday, August 19, 2013

Info about the Starbucks Card

Since a friend of mine asked me questions about the Starbucks Card, I realized that I really didn't give much information on the first post that I did so here goes.

What is a Starbucks Card?

The Starbucks Card is a stored value card as well as a loyalty card that offers you rewards when making purchases at any Starbucks store in the Philippines. It also makes a perfect gift for any occasion.

Why did Starbucks introduce the Starbucks Card?

It’s just our way of saying thanks for being a loyal Starbucks customer! If we can enhance your Starbucks experience with the rewards of using the Starbucks Card, then we’re doing our job right.

How do I purchase a Starbucks Card?

You can activate a Starbucks Card at any Starbucks store in the Philippines with an initial minimum load of just Php300. The amount will be loaded into your Starbucks Card which you can use to make purchase right away. There are no Card, set up, or usage fees.

Can I purchase a Starbucks Card in the Philippines and use it in another country?
The Starbucks Card in the Philippines is a locally issued Card and can only be used in the Philippines. We are also unable to perform any transactions, including reloading, on another country’s Starbucks Cards.

Is a Starbucks Card re-loadable?

Yes, reloads can be done at any participating Starbucks store in the Philippines. Only denominations of Php100 are accepted for reloads and a maximum amount of Php10,000 is permitted on the account at any one time.

Can I reuse my Starbucks Card?

Definitely! Your Starbucks Cards is re-loadable and re-useable. You can reload your Starbucks Card with additional cash value at any of our participating Starbucks stores in the Philippines.

Is there an expiry date for my Starbucks Card?

Your Starbucks Card will not expire so long as you keep using your Card and have available load. Only Cards with no activity and load will expire 3 years from the last purchase.

Can I return or refund a Starbucks Card that I have purchased or received as gift?
No. All Starbucks Cards purchased or received are non-refundable nor exchangeable for cash.

Is there a limit to the number of Starbucks Card I can purchase?
There is no limit to the number of Cards you can purchase provided each Card is loaded with a minimum of Php300 upon activation. We can however limit your purchase to 10 Starbucks Cards per transaction.

Here's how my Starbucks Card Online Account look like.

Hope this helps. :)

To register. go to

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