Sunday, August 4, 2013

God Never Blinks

I got this book a few days ago. I wasn't even planning on buying a book but for some reason, this one called out to me. Perhaps it was because I could relate to the author. She was a single parent, I am a single parent. She looked for love in all the wrong places, I too am guilty of that. She struggled with a difficult childhood, I did as well though not as bad.

She was 45 when she initially wrote the lessons. She was 50 when she added to it and that's when things took a turn. It seems that her lessons were something people could relate to. It seems that those lessons were meant for bigger things. It seems that those lessons were something I need to read and learn from as well.


I knew that if I had read this book a year ago, I probably wouldn't be marveling at it the same way that I am now. Now,  I get it. Now, I could relate. Now, I am saying, "oh yes! She's definitely right!"

I finished the book in just 2 days. Normally, this would be something I could finish in hours but since I do have work and a son to check on, between obsessing over something, deciding what to eat, what to wear, and how to stop myself from scouring for Speculoos Peanut Butter, it took me two days.

Honestly, it is now my favorite book. It actually bumped "Hope for the Flowers" to number 2 and it is the first book that I plan to carry around wherever I go. It is just so full of little anecdotes that can be easily used to turn a bad day into a good one. It's a constant reminder that we are never having a bad day. We are having a bad moment.

For those struggling with life, wondering where God was when they were born, or have simply asked God, "Why me?" this is the book for you. It will allow you to see why it was you that God chose and why things happen when they happen.

Remember: God Never Blinks. 


  1. Gotta grab one too... I need something like this, something to inspire and remind that life is beautiful in times the world is against me. Thanks for sharing.


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