Monday, August 5, 2013

and we played word search ....

B loves Word Search. He plays with it and loves doing it as a past time. Yesterday, I decided to play a game with B using the new Word Search book I got him. The game was to answer two different word search boxes and whoever finishes his list first wins.

For the first 2 rounds, B won. He was very happy about it. He was gloating and all smiles. I played along and looked sad and pouted on the first 2 photos.

 The 3rd time around, I won. I wanted to of course take a photo of the moment. 

Unfortunately, B walked out. It seems he was a sore loser. Afterwards, I talked to him and explained that he needed to learn to accept defeat graciously. After all, it was just a game. If he couldn't accept defeat in a game, what would happen to him when he gets defeated in life.

I hope that I was able to teach him a simple but important lesson about this. I hope the next time we play, he'd be the one pouting in the photo and I'd be smiling because he lost and I won and he was able to accept it graciously.

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