Friday, August 16, 2013

Starbucks PH Card

It's been years since I initially became one of the pioneer members of a Starbucks Group which meas that it has been years since I first knew of the existence of the Starbucks Card. Sadly, the Philippines wasn't part of the countries that had these until this August. Finally, we now have our very own Starbucks Card.

The Starbucks PH Card has two designs, one for the coffee lovers and the other, for the tea lovers. Of course I got the coffee lover. I don't think I can ever turn my back on coffee though I have started an affair with tea. :)

I now have 6 stars on my Starbucks Card. You don't really get much yet from the Starbucks Card but since I do love my gold stars or affirmation, I bask in my 6 stars. LOL.

Have you gotten your Starbucks Card?

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