Friday, April 12, 2013

Food Truck by Chef Broosy

Food trucks have invaded the food scene last year but it was only yesterday that I was able to try out a food truck. Thanks to the Preview Night of Sa Wakas the Musical, I had the chance to try Food Truck by Chef Broosy. 

I was very pleased that FM was with me and since it was my first time to give this a try. So after getting our stubs from the registration, off we trooped to the food truck and there, we were asked what meal we wanted.

Initially, FM was going to order Sisig but I convinced him to get the pulled pork. However, when I asked the woman manning the truck, she told me sisig was their best seller so I ended up ordering it instead. FM looked at me funny. Haha.

We waited for about 25 minutes for our meal which I found odd. This is what their meal looks like.

pulled pork
I was blown away. The pulled pork was the softest pork I've ever eaten and it was so tasty. The sisig was cooked perfectly and it was just really tasty. Truth be told, I'd have devoured an entire rice cooker if I could have with these viands. They were OH SO GOOD! GAH! SO SO SO SO GOOD!

The only downside to it was that there was very little rice. Aside form that, it was PERFECT. It was worth every peso and it was definitely worth the wait. YUM YUM!

I definitely want to go back and have another bite of what Chef Broosy has to offer. For someone experiencing the food truck fad, this was definitely a great first time. Kudos to Chef Broosy.

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