Sunday, April 7, 2013

dinner at Manila Hotel ...

It wasn't planned at all. In fact, I was wearing a t-shirt that had a hole on it and leggings. For some reason though, I brought along jeans and a blouse which I normally do not do. It was meant to be I guess. FM called me an hour before he was to pick me up and told me we were having dinner at Manila Hotel and if that was okay.

Was it okay????? *silent scream ensued coz I felt so unprepared* Of course I said. I just vowed to look a little nicer and to change into jeans and my other top.

Upon getting to Manila Hotel, I was honestly impressed. It was grandeur and class rolled into one. It was everything I imagined it to be and more. Yes, it was my first time there and I was the blubbering idiot. FM then asked me where in Manila Hotel I wanted to have dinner. I of course chose Cafe Ilang Ilang.

It wasn't as big as Spirals but I actually liked it. Though there were only a handful of choices and some misses with the flavors of their food, the staff was very attentive and the service was pretty good. FM and I ate a lot and at the end of the 3 hour meal, we felt very full.

Once again, FM managed to tick off one item from my bucket list. Truly, he is such a sweet boyfriend. Thank you FM for this treat. I really enjoyed it.

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