Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Bloggers Comedy Night: Solaire Resort and Casino

It was a night meant to be remembered. 30 bloggers were chosen to be part of the Comedy Night presented by the Marketing Group of Solaire Resort and Casino. Now this blogger was pretty excited because I have been wanting to have a peek at Solaire Resort and compare it with Resorts World which happens to be its main competitor.

Upon entering Solaire, one can expect to be impressed with its facade and chandelier. There are also 3 fine young and pretty ladies ready to greet you upon entering. How they manage to stand for more than 5 hours in 4 inch heels though is beyond me .

After registration, we were led to the hotel room and can I just say that I was AMAZED. The room we were led in was simply magnificent yet comfy.

After having some refreshments, the Bloggers Comedy Night started and can I just say that at the end of the night, the comments I heard were, "I could hear you laughing. I loved hearing your laughter. It was so alive!" Yes, I was laughing and hooting that badly. Jhovy the Beauty and Alex Calleja were definitely some of the best stand up comediennes I have ever seen and I used to go to comedy bars. 

Jovy the Beauty
Alex Calleja 
she looks prettier than me no? 
After the show, they served us food and my personal favorite and the reason why I walked for 20 minutes after was the mozarella cheese. Evil! It was sinfully good. 

Afterwards, we toured the place and these are some of the things that stood out for me.

So why don't you go and check out Solaire Resorts Hotel and Casino? It is truly worth a visit.

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