Sunday, April 28, 2013

a better me ...

People have been telling me to focus on myself and improve myself. People have told me to move on with life and move forward. Even the funny man has told me that it would make him happy to see me function on my own and live life without him. Yes, it hurt when he said that but if it is what will make him happy, I need to accept it. He does know that I cannot be completely happy if he is not in my life.

One thing I have failed to take care of is myself. I have let go and I have not even cared that I was fat. Yes, I am FAT. I am not chubby. I am not voluptuous. I am not endearingly big. I am fat.

I need to accept this and deal with it.

It's been almost 2 weeks since I have cut down drastically on food. Why drastically? I needed to train my tummy to accept only a few amount of food; way different from the standard amount of food that I normally take in which could feed 5 kids in Somalia.

I have also started walking A LOT. When I say a lot, it means that this may be still few for some people but for me who hates walking, a 30 minute walk is A LOT. I started with 20 minutes walk and progressed to 30 minutes and finally, I can now walk for 1 hour and not faint. YEY ME!

I've also started dancing again and doing basic stretching. Now, to document my weight loss and journey to a more improved me physically, I took a photo of myself last Friday (April 26, 2013.)

So you can see, I am fat and I need to trim down. I plan to post updates on a monthly basis and since I took a photo April 26, it will be the 26th of each month that I shall be uploading a photo showing my progress. Hopefully, there is progress. LOL.

I don't work out everyday but I make time to walk even for 30 minutes everyday. I've also started not eating sweets and junk food and I have finally, finally, finally learned to love water.

So physically, here's to a better me. As for the other aspects of my life, I am also working on those things and I know that in time, I will be a much better version of me. :)

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