Saturday, June 2, 2012

Twins 24th Birthday ...

It was the twins 24th birthday. They are now 24 and I can honestly say that in the course of a year, they both have grown up and matured. My brothers are no longer little boys but real men who know how to respect women and be responsible not only for themselves, but also for the people around them.

I am proud that they are my brothers. I am proud of the men they have become. Happy birthday twins! Hope you liked the cake. :)

PS. I'm really happy that my family was complete last night and that FM was also with us.


  1. They are just my age pala. Happy birthday to the both of them! ;)

  2. cool! are they you're brothers? so nice ot have a twin in the family :))

    Happy Birthday to Kirk and Karl(as what is writteen on their cakes hehe)

  3. happy birthday, 2x :-)

    occasion like this is worth remembering


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