Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Little Asia

FM and I had dinner at Little Asia with his friends. He chose this because I haven't tried it yet. :) He's really supportive that way.

We ordered the following items. The fresh lettuce and minced pork has now become a staple for FM and I when we eat at a Chinese place. 

The fresh lettuce and minced pork never fails. I don't know if the places we go to are just really good at this or we just really like the taste that its almost always 100% yummy.

The emperor's rice and the Little Asian fried chicken were both heavenly. I could have finished the entire plate but of course I did not. However, if we were to go back, I'd definitely order these two again.

Here we are with his friends. It was a night of good food, good conversation filled with learning about life and love. I look forward to more evening like this with FM and his friends.


  1. I ate here once and I love the beef rolls with cheese inside. I forgot what it's called. Oh, the Emperor's rice too ♥

  2. wow awesome, now I know what's in there, thanks for sharing! :))


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