Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Casa Verde (Cebu)

When I initially told my friends that I would be going to Cebu, almost everyone had the same recommendation. Eat at Casa Verde. Now mind you, I have never heard of this place so it was surprising to hear about it from so many different people. Case Verde, casa verde, casa verde.

Of course we had to try it out. I'm just lucky as well that FM is so supportive of my desire to try new places to eat at.

Upon getting to Casa Verde, I just had a good feeling about the place. It looked cozy and there were a lot of people eating inside even though we were there after lunch already. Clearly, this was a place that had a loyal following.

The interior was pretty cute. It had a 50's - 70's kind of feel to it, with a jukebox and flying planes decorating the ceiling.

We ordered quite a number of things on the menu. We started with the soup which was creamy bacon and cheese. It was actually really creamy and tasty. The only downside for me was that it had too many leeks on top.

B had the shrimp pesto pasta and though it was a bit oily, it was actually pretty good as well. He finished it all by himself so I'm guessing that he liked it.

The Carly's Green salad was not lacking in  greens, cheese, corn, and meat. It was really good but we were not able to pay attention to it because of the burger and milkshake.

This is the biggest burger and the biggest milkshake that I have ever seen. It's called the 9 inch burger (Php388) and the Milky Way (Php288.) For a burger, the meat was actually tasty. It wasn't just a pound of meat. It was meaty and it did not leave an aftertaste on the mouth. As for the milkshake, it was your typical chocolate milkshake. Still, the novelty of it was pretty charming.

FM and I sharing the 9 inch burger
We had a great time at Casa Verde. Word of warning on the milkshake though; do not try to transfer it to separate glasses. Please ask for help or you might just have everything spill over just like what happened to us. It's a good thing that FM knows to laugh things off like this. He did not get upset that the milkshake spilled. He just ordered another one. He scored 1000 pogi points for that one. :)

the one prepared by the staff after we spilled the milkshake

Overall, I'd recommend the place to anyone. It was a great afternoon, the place was very nice, and the food was great.


  1. i love casa verde. i eat there once in a while or to indulge in my favorite baby back ribs! :)

    it's good to know you liked the place :D

  2. bookmarked! will try this when in cebu :)

    that burger is massive as a pizza. would love to try that.

  3. shacks was that a tall glass of smoothie???
    i wouldlike to try that though


  4. Taking a bite at the same time - wow! nice capture!! and so with the food images! Looks so yummy! I wanna go there to...if time and God allows me to!!Casa verde, casa verde, I'll remember that name. : )

  5. I love burgers! i haven't tried eating a burger that big! *drool*

  6. The next time I go to Cebu will definitely check this out.

  7. CASA VERDE! The best yung death by chocolate nila! I miss Cebu already!

  8. Poor me, never been to Cebu to at least see this Casa Verde. I'll be checking it out soon!

  9. I'd recommend Casa Verde to my friend who's going to Cebu next week.

  10. i once experienced casa verde. and i love the place and food!

  11. Does that green pasta taste good?

  12. They changed their menu to a Western menu. It used to be known as a Filipino restaurant. Celebrated my fiance's birthday there last year. He wasn't happy anymore with the menu selection.

  13. I'll keep it in mind! Casa Verde! parang nagutom ulit ako a..

  14. Amazing burger and milkshake! ha!ha! I also wanna try it when I get to visit Cebu.

  15. Nice to know!
    my first time in Cebu will be this August..
    Think I wanna try that Burger! haha! :)

  16. Wohooo, mighty impressive milkshake and hamburger indeed!

    I'll have to google more about Casa Verde. It was a long time ago, that I was in Cebu, and only to transfer from ship to bus, to go to Boracay.

    I found it also very charming from FM staying cool. 1,0000 more pogi points from the Netherlands! :D

  17. omg the burger! sarap lang! :)


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