Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dimsum and Spices

I found myself near my alma mater last Monday for a client meeting. Since it was raining like there was no tomorrow when I was asleep, I thought it best to leave an hour early just to be on the safe side. My meeting was at 10am and I got to the place at 8:55am.


I was too early and since I had no plans of staying at the lobby of the company I had an appointment with for an hour, I scoured the place and chanced upon this.

I have not had breakfast yet so I wanted something heavy for breakfast. I ordered this.

It was only Php135 for the entire set and this came with Red Ice Tea and Miso Soup. Pretty good deal if I may say so. The taste was also pretty okay. It wasn't outstanding but it was worth your money.

The interiors of the place was very basic. It was clean but a bit too crowded. There are only 5 tables on the first floor and 7 on the 2nd floor. What I did not like was the chair. It was too NARROW. Seriously.

See? That is my wallet and it has consumed most of the space. Think of how I sat?

Overall though, if I find myself in the same area, I would definitely eat here again.


  1. Now I'm still craving for Japanese food. Yum! ;)

  2. wow cool, it seems good to eat! :))


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