Wednesday, June 13, 2012

B's officially in First Grade

Today was B's first day as a first grader. He had a new uniform since he's no longer in Prep and the grade school students wore trousers as opposed to the Prep kids who wore shorts.

Here's B looking all dapper. 

with classmates

As early as the first day, I wanted to have a photo of him standing beside the Achiever Tree because I want him to have a visual that he is an achiever and that the phrase "I can't do it!" is not acceptable. I know this because he is my son and I see the potential. 

Lastly, here I am, the stage mother experiencing separation anxiety. I didn't want to leave him but I saw that he was raring to be with friends and the teacher was giving me the evil eye. LOL.

I'm pretty excited for the new adventures that my son will be experiencing and I know that he will do well because he has me and my family behind him all the way. Add-on: FM is really good in Math which has always been my waterloo so this year, we will be a tag team and ensure B lands first honor. :)


  1. You cried again? :) LOL
    Seeing my little siblings go to school makes me emotional for no reason.hahaha

  2. yey for B!

    God Bless him on his schooling :)

  3. "wanted to have a photo of him standing beside the Achiever Tree"
    reminds me of my kid,now in 2nd grade.he's always "outstanding" since in "laging napapatayo sa labas" :D


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