Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Adobo Republic

I have heard great reviews about Adobo Republic so when FM and I couldn't fin a spot to eat at last week, we decided to finally eat at Adobo Republic.

The place was very simple, too simple for my taste. It looked like a fast food chain but with uglier setting. It should have been a sign for me.

While waiting for our food to arrive, we felt the need to use their bathroom. This is what welcomed me.

It actually looks better on the photos I took but it was really disappointing. The place was not well maintained and the only thing lacking about the comfort room was the smell.

Thankfully, the food finally came.

adobo flakes

adobo mix
Both were just so-so for me. It was your standard adobo cooked at home. There was nothing spectacular nor mouthwatering about the place. I felt like it was a waste of money.

The only good thing about the evening? I was with FM.

We are definitely never coming back to this place.


  1. Umay na ko sa Adobo since my mom or dad always cooks adobo (because my brother loves it). :)

  2. you made me hungry. :( i miss philippines

  3. I was surprised that a branch of Adobo Republic still exists....!
    I thought all of 'em were closed because of bancruptcy....


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