Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fort San Pedro

On our second day in Cebu, we decided to explore the beauty of Fort San Pedro. Fort San Pedro is a tourist spot in my hometown that I have never had the opportunity to visit. I was in awe when I saw the place.

You see, I love Intramuros and to see Fort San Pedro which is kind of like Intramuros was such a joy for me. I loved the beauty of the place and the fact that there were only a few people inside.

We took a lot of photos but they are with FM's camera so it will be months before we see those. LOL.

We also got lucky that we were allowed inside this room since it was actually closed to the public for renovation. With a bit of prodding and charm, the caretaker allowed us in and it was a sight to behold.

Inside this door were paintings depicting the turn of the Raja and his wife to Catholicism.

Overall, we explored the place and took lots of photos. We even had some photoshoots that will be posted and blogged soon as FM is done with converting the files.Fort San Pedro lived up to its popularity as one of the main tourist spots of Cebu and it definitely did not disappoint.


  1. gusto ko yung painting, ang ganda :)

    I guess FM and I are the same, takes several months before uploading the pictures ahahaha

  2. The sight of this is surely overflowing with story and history. Nice.


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