Wednesday, June 6, 2012

V's 12th birthday ...

It was V's birthday. He was turning 12 and since it is a tradition with FM's family to have dinner during birthday, I knew that we were dining out. I just didn't know that we were eating at a place that I have been wanting to eat at and that it was FM's way of surprising me.

This was one place that my friend Mitchy of Dekaphobe has been telling me about for the longest time. She got me to the point of being curious enough that I wanted to try it myself. Thankfully, FM delivers again.

It was a pretty simple dinner celebration. I'm glad I brought V a cake because apparently, cakes were not their thing. It was mine though and I know that I made V happy when he got to blow a candle on his cake for his birthday.

I plan to introduce this kind of tradition to FM and family. I think its something they would welcome with open arms. After all, I'd buy the cake and all they need to do is make a wish and blow the candle. :)


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