Thursday, June 7, 2012

Lugang Cafe

We had dinner at Lugang Cafe because it was the twins birthday and they treated us there. It was a great thing because I have always wanted to try out the different dishes of Lugang Cafe.

Lugang Cafe is more popularly known for their Shia Long Bao and the dessert that they have. However, my brothers have eaten at this place for more than 20 times so they had a pretty basic idea of what was good and what was not.

They ordered the following and I'd like to apologize in advance because I wasn't able to track down all the names of the food. I was having too good a time being with my family and FM to be a good food blogger at that time. Still, I wanna share with you the food because it was just OH SO YUMMY!

shrimp xiao long bao Php180

This one was pretty good. You can taste the shrimp and the soup inside was really good too. Be careful with putting the entire thing inside your mouth though because it can be pretty hot.

xiao long bao Php180
This one is a classic. It's no wonder that they are famous for these because it was just the right mix of meat, soup, saltiness, and hot. It is an experience eating this and one order simply wouldn't be enough.

This fried chicken is around Php500+ if I remember correctly. It's pretty expensive in my opinion though it does taste better than most fried chicken. The oil used is not your normal or standard oi. I have no idea what they used but I think it costs more than it should have.

The pineapple rice on the other hand was divine. It was sweet, tangy, and just the right combination of everything it should be. The pineapple they served it in was a tad bit too small but that was the only downside to it.

The milk jelly tea was something ... something good. The taste was more tea-ish (is that even a word?) than milk but the jelly countered and balanced everything. Overall, I'd definitely order this again as my drink next time.

The vegetable omelette was yummy. I'm not a big fan of omelette but this one was really good. The veggies inside were cooked to perfection. The serving was just right for 3 people (2 if they are really voracious eaters) and the taste was not overpowering.

This rice is something that chili lovers would love. It was spicy and had lots of spices on it. I didn't like it that much.

pork noodle

I had a few bites of this because I was attending to FM and B but I can definitely say that this took time to cook because the pork was soft and the sauce tasted really well. You can actually just pour the sauce over rice and it would be a killer already.

fish head
The fish head is the main thing that my brothers recommended. They are both not fish person but this one they loved. It was not "malansa" (I honestly do not know what this is in English *shame on me*). It was really fresh and the way it was cooked, there was no hint or smell of the fish. I'd rate it 4.5 out of 5.

Now, for the classic order that FM and I always place ... the fresh lettuce and meat. This one is second only to the PF Chang one that I had. FM has not tasted PF Chang's version but this would be pretty good already. The meat was noodle like which added some freshness because it looked so different but overall, I wanted to take home 5 orders of it.

Bellagio Dessert
This dessert was pretty impressive when I first saw it. The preparation that went with it definitely took some effort. However, the taste was not all that in my opinion. It was simply a mix of beans with a lot of condensed milk.

Overall, I'd definitely recommend Lugang Cafe to family, friends, and readers. The ambience was cozy yet classy, the chairs comfortable, the service was good, and the food, really great. Its worth every peso you spend.


  1. A branch is so near but haven't tried this yet. :(

  2. the fried chicken looks yummy.

    that's one scary looking dessert though

  3. well the saving grace for any dining - there will always be the good and bad side of the dining, but I think that's the challenge for bloggers to speak their mind about it so readers may compare experience if at all they will still try to dine despite the bad points scored by the resto... the pineapple rice and vege omellette I will order should I go there...

  4. In Beijing, they're not known for dimsums. Dimsum is Shanghainese so that would be Din Tai Fung. Lugang Cafe or Bellagio in Beijing is a Taiwanese restaurant.

    The one that you would like to take away is Yu Xiang Rou Si. :)

  5. Got to have some of those pineapple rice...The best xiao long bao, I've tried was at Singapore Food republic and Jade Garden...but would love to check out theirs...Now I can't wait to plan my visit there...

  6. Nice good looking and yummy foods! But I think they are quite expensive for a typical Pinoy like me.! hehe.

    And their resto name? Ahmmm, quite a bit off for me. It's just my opinion though. =)

  7. mukhang masarap! sana masubukan ko to balang araw! :)

  8. chinese resto noh ? haven't been to one yet
    gusto ko ung shrimp xiao long bao <333

  9. I love chinese food but not when I have to eat it everyday...hahaha

  10. The Bellagio dessert seemed to be challenging to eat.

  11. the Bellagio dessert is intriguing,how did they make it that high.i like fish head too.

  12. Oh my god. This is food. I love dim sums and a fan of Chinese cuisines. Parang ang sarap lahat ah.

  13. thanks for this post! matagal na akong curious sa resto na to kasi ang daming kumakain sa MOA, ill give it a try this week!

  14. Oh! The fried chicken really looks good. But a little pricey. But will definitely put this in my list. :-)


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