Sunday, May 27, 2012

meeting the college friends ....

FM and I went out last night. He was meeting his college friends because one of them was in the country. I was a nervous wreck at first because apparently, they like being spontaneous and do not make plans ahead of time. I, on the other hand, always have a plan.

I opted to wear something basic. A black top, jeans, and wedge. Thankfully, his friends also wore something similar so I did not feel overdressed nor under-dressed. We ended up at Little Asia in Venice Piazza.

We ordered a lot of food and ended up taking home 1/4 of it. I'll post a food entry on the food separately. Throughout dinner, conversation was free flowing. What I liked about the conversation was that from time to time, they'd ask me things or I'd get to share some insights. I did not feel out of place. 

FM also ensured that I was always comfortable and part of the conversation. I appreciated that.

The Venetian Market was in full swing when we left the restaurant and since they were wine drinkers, we checked out the place and they bought a bottle of wine to consume after dinner.

FM with his friends

I had fun talking to these ladies. They were gorgeous, sensible, and very down to earth. I completely understand why FM are friends with them. I'm glad that they are a part of his life and that hopefully, in time, they will be part of mine as well.

Cheers ladies!


  1. happy to be reading about your stories and adventures with FM. :)

    where is Venetian Market located?

  2. I want to go to Venetian Market kaso ang layo talaga. ;( Glad you had a great time. :)

  3. Wow! great bonding moments for friends..that's good! We also do the same from time to time!! One way of making our lives really "kulayful!"

  4. I can feel how exciting the moment was. The pictures tells you all going all so well together. As I can see, there's no sign of insecurity when you all meet. I said it because of people starting to compare themselves to those they think are did great in their careers. Though the point of that meeting is to meet and be reunited again, not to compare those who achieved something better. Keep sharing your "kulayfull" moments. ;)

  5. I miss running around McKinley-Piazza...

    Thanks for the update!


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