Saturday, April 21, 2012

O'Railey's Grand Opening

Finally, it happened.

It took a couple of months but on a Monday evening in April 2012, O'Raileys Dine and Coffee officially opened its door to the public by having an official launch. Yours truly was invited and of course, FM was my plus one. R and V also tagged along.

Rochelle and Eric greeted us soon as we got there but unfortunately, we weren't able to chat because they were extremely busy which was a good indication since it was their opening night. 

with the owners
They had a MAC set up for the night wherein if customers would visit their page and like it, they get a free mini cupcake. If they tweet about it on the spot, they would also get a cupcake.

R liking O'Railey's page

We finally got around to ordering after taking photos of the place and admiring how cozy it was. We ordered sandwiches, rice meals, pasta, buffalo wings, and milk teas.

Caramel, Hazelnut, Wintermelon Milk Tea

The milk tea concoction used by O'Raileys is not something that is store bought. These are actual concoctions of Rochelle. She formulated these milk teas and for someone who knows her milk tea, I can definitely tell you that their milk tea is one of the best that I have ever tasted.

I already had high expectations since I down milk teas on a daily basis but when I tried their milk tea, I simply fell in love.

creamy carbonara
To say that this was creamy would be an understatement. The pasta was al dente, the creaminess of the sauce just right, and the combination of everything simply indulgent. For less than Php200, this is worth the money spent.  

buffalo wings

The spice hits you first ... more than anything it is the spiciness of the chicken. After, its the smooth taste and you realize that what hits you at first simply wakes you up to a more indulgent taste. The inside of the chicken is cooked just right and not spicy at all. There could be hints but overall, the chicken was as it should be ... TASTY.

The sisig was another one of the owners own special recipe. It wasn't dry but had a bit of sauce in it and it wasn't as crispy as the usual sisig but it was actually really very good. V finished 2 cups of rice and 3/4 of the sisig. It was THAT good.

chicken panini
This was one of the best surprise of the night. The chicken panini was crunchy, not too oily, and the combination of this with the blue cheese dressing was AWESOME. It was simply divine. It was the only dish that I wanted to eat by myself and not share with anyone. It was OH SO GOOD. I love chickens in general but this one, I wanted to keep to myself.

Overall, I'd definitely recommend going to O'Raileys Dine and Coffee if you happen to be in Mindanao or Congressional Avenue. It is worth every peso spent and the interiors are very cozy. Truth be told, their Raspberry Mocha is way better than Starbucks and the food selection is wider.

Congratulations to Rochelle and Eric for a successful endeavor in the food business and I hope that you'll have many more branches for this one. It's worth a visit.

Photos taken by Jules Maliuanag.

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* I was invited to review the food. I did not pay for my meal. However, the free meal did not in any way sway my opinion and everything you read here is MY PERSONAL OPINION. 


  1. You're becoming to be a foodie blogger ah!=D Very informative post. I want to try this kaso medyo far

    1. Talaga? Wow! Thanks! Coming from a food blogger this is high compliment :)

  2. wow! O'railey's got extensive menu na from the wings to sisig! :) was that the same wings we've tried before? Hope I could visit O'Railey's again :)

  3. Your tea recommendation is what I'll be keeping in mind if I happen to visit the place. They've got good social networking too. Works well for advertising.

  4. The creamy carbonara looks really yummy! I wish I was there during the launch. :)

  5. Food looks good!
    I'm also a milk tea drinker and would love to try their version... but their place is just too far :(
    Congrats to your friends for this nice diner!

  6. Hello

    The chicken panini looks intriguingly delicious!


  7. Im drooling for the carbonara and chicken panini...I want to try them! (makes me hungry while posting this comment) : )

  8. wow, nakakagutom! when they invite bloggers ba, libre food? hehe. kung ganun, gusto ko na rin um-attend sa mga ganyan. hehe.

  9. What a sumptuous review dear! Although Congressional is still in the QC vicinity, it's still too far from my place.. but if I do get the chance to pass by the area, I will make sure to sample their exquisite looking food, and of course Rochelle's milk tea! I love milk tea too, especially Gong Cha's creations. =)

  10. I did enjoy looking at ravenous photos like these - make me wanna start my own food blog.

  11. I am a great fan of panini and with the blue cheese dressing! does it come with fries? 0_o

  12. The milk tea concoction in a row of glasses are talking: "take us, take!"

    "But kids, you are so far away from Cavite. Someday, when I visit QC, we shall be finally together."

  13. I was taken aback when I read MINDANAO, alas, it was Mindanao
    Avenue, to bad 'cause I was already convinced in going to O'Raileys. I am always in the look out for the best sisig in the world. The current one on my top list is here in Davao. =)

  14. im obsessed with milk tea right now.I'll definitely try theirs.
    and the carbonara!

  15. Hmmm...I have lactose intolerance is milk tea okay?

    When I was in Cebu in 2008 I made C2 as my water, what happened when I went home. I got gastritis...

    So I am hesitant to try this milk tea...instead I am addicted to frappe lately.

    1. I think hindi pwede kasi milk based pa rin to e ... sayang.

  16. I like what you ordered but the carbonara is creamier? Hindi ba nakakasawa? :) I miss sisig and everything what you ordered! Gonna try Milk tea soon! It's so trending! :D

    1. the carbonara was just right ... and the sisig I got to try a few kasi V downed it all haha

  17. They are very blessed to be in business...soemday I'll be like them!


  18. Buffalo wings would be my thing. I just hope they would have vouchers for these sometime soon ^_^.

    Do you recall if they do have high-chairs as we usually tag our 1-year old daughter along with us.

  19. The food looks good, and I'd love to try their milk teas! :D Too bad I had changes of schedule so I wasn't able to attend this :(

  20. milk tea is the newest sensation.. up and coming!

  21. I will try that branch soon. Will have to taste the Raspberry Mocha which I am after for after reading your post.

  22. The food looks yummy! I love ice tea and chicken panina too!But I want more pictures! I am here on your page since last night ha ha! Please upload some more pictures please.

  23. I've had this love and hate relationship with milk teas. Sometimes their okay for my taste, sometimes the opposite, maybe it depends on where I get the milk tea? (I'm a shameless coffee lover)

    Anyway that creamy carbonara looks promising. As for the sisig tho, I prefer the crunchy ones, I prefer it toasted to a point that it's almost like chicharon :D

  24. The Chicken panini looks great. Hope this is a good palce where i can get yummy milk teas. I want to try the hazelnut milk tea.

  25. Wow. That was an awesome treat. Cupcakes in exchange of fb like and tweet! :) What's the flavor of the cupcake? :P

    I love all the foods you have posted here except for that Chicken panini because I haven't tried that out yet!

    Where is this p;ace located?

  26. Mukhang masarap ang chicken at yung Sandwich.


  27. i want to try the chicken panini just convinced me to try their place ;)


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