Sunday, April 8, 2012

Mr Ube Noodle House

I've always wanted to try this place ever since I've heard about it. I have always been a fan of Eng Bee Tin and I support Mr. Ube News via text. It was a sight to see when my sister and I saw this after about 4 hours of roaming Divisoria.

I ordered Mr Ube Specialty Noodles and K ordered Stir Fried Beef Stew. We were hungry.

The beef was tender and tasty ... the noodle was really, really big. It was such a big serving I could not finish it eventhough I was really hungry.

Overall, I'd definitely eat there again.


  1. Will definitely eat here when I go to divi! :D

  2. i want the dimsum, noodles/noodle soup!! prices seem affordable for the servings ha? :)

  3. I used to eat there everyday. I kind of miss it now.:) I like their lechon macau.

  4. I Swear that I'll go back to this place, swear!


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