Friday, April 6, 2012

Moonleaf Tea Shop

Last week, FM and I decided to drop by Moonleaf. I was once again craving for milk tea and instead of getting Share Tea, I decided to get Moonleaf. R and V were with us but it was only R who wanted to get milk tea as well. FM parked the car outside and R and I trooped inside.

The moment we went down, screams started. A cockroach was on the floor, part of our welcoming committee. It was a good thing that the roach got scared as well. It immediately hid itself from sight.

Inside  the milk tea place, there were no roaches thankfully. However, there were a lot of people. After a few minutes, we were able to order and then we saw these.

We ordered 2 of each  and I can definitely say that I will be back for more of the Pistachio ones. It was SO GOOD. Seriously. The red velvet and chocolate were okay but the pistachio was just really, really good.

As for the wintermelon milk tea, yep, it was definitely better with the black pearl compared to the red pearls they had back in Valentines.


  1. May Moonleaf na din sa malapit sa CCP area... :) YEY!

  2. I have not tasted their pastries yet, but I'm a frequent customer of Moonleaf, Teacher's Village Branch hehehe



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