Friday, April 6, 2012

Meet Up with Cheng

I met her a couple of years ago when I was still with B's dad and working for an internet research company. I knew that she didn't really like me at first because I was snobbish. To be honest, I didn't talk much to other people because I had lost all respect I had in me because of what B's dad did. So there.

Luckily, she and I were given the chance to be in one place and we started talking. The talking led to a friendship and years later, we met up again to catch up on life and for her to give me some words of wisdom on relationships and what not.

We met at Golden Spoon in Ayala Triangle. She ordered bottled water, I ordered Cake Batter with Mochi toppings. To those who don't know, Golden Spoon is the only yoghurt place that I would eat at. The rest, goes straight to the bin.

cake batter with mochi toppings

It has been over 4 years and yet when we met, it was like old times. She and I talked like no years passed. We touched base and I loved the confidence I see in her. She seems more serene now than she was 4 year or so ago.

I'm glad I made time for her. I'm glad she made time for me.


  1. It's nice to catch up with old friends.. :) Wish I can hangout with some of my old buds too. Anyway, love Golden Spoon! ^^

  2. Nice to see you bond again. Real friendship knows no time and does not recognize lost time.

  3. I love Golden Spoon! argh!


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