Wednesday, April 25, 2012

the lucky one ...

I was lamenting one time to FM that we haven't really had a real date since we became an item. When I say real date, it means he'd pick me up, we'd have dinner, a movie, and milk tea ... you know, that kind of a date where its just the two of us spending time.

It was a passing comment that I made ... apparently, he took notice for one day last week, he took me out on a date. :)

We had an early dinner at Kitchen where I've dined before with friends. This time, I ordered the pasta and he ordered seafood rice. I also had another round of the caps and rolls which I had before. I really, really liked it.

caps and rolls
sun dried pesto
seafood rice
FM and I at Kitchen
We had a great dinner. We talked and spent time together. It was just the two of us and I really enjoyed my quality time with him. After, he took me to the movies because he promised me that we will watch The Lucky One. After, I surprised him with his favorite chocolates.

inside the moviehouse 
his OA chocolates :) 

Overall, it was a fun night and I really liked how we got to spend some time alone. :)  I guess I'm the lucky one ...


  1. WOW how sweet :))

  2. Royce! Wow! These are really expensive.. Funny comment about OA chocolates hahaha :)

  3. Whoa! I love Royce too! Ha ha ha! Sweet naman!

  4. My wife would love the sun-dried pesto definitely. ^_^

  5. so sweet....this is the reason why we are love each other! ang sosyal royce choco:) love it! more love for both of you!

  6. Sun dried pesto, yum! I love going out alone with hubby. We seldom do it now since we had the toddler so I always look forward to our alone time together.

  7. Now I miss having a man... or going on dates. XD I'm happy for you Ate Kenny :>

  8. being with somebody you love and I place like that equate to perfect moment... plus of course the delectable food

  9. aaw you are botyh lucky to have each other. I like any pasta with pesto sauce =)

  10. I miss having dinner date with hubby.We don't date liKe we used to do during the bf/gf time lately. We go out but with kids around.

  11. lucky indeed! but he's lucky too and you look blooming sister!

  12. you are the lucky one. made me missed my many dates with my then singular someone for 5 years but appreciated how much i was blessed to enjoy it for that long.


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