Saturday, April 14, 2012

Casa Roces

I met with my Fil-Chi friends last night at Casa Roces. It has been quite some time since I last saw them and I wanted to see them again. This night was more special though because I brought FM with me for them to meet.

I was pleasantly surprised upon seeing the exterior of the place.

It looked very posh and nice. I instantly felt comfortable. Below is a shot of the menu. I loved how they used an old man wearing a hat as their "logo/mascot." 

My friends and I eventually got around to ordering. All 3 of them ordered Mushroom Pasta with Blue Cheese. I, on the other hand, was a bit more adventurous in what I ordered for the night.

trio mushroom with truffle oil P195
This one was hands down a winner. The 3 kinds of mushroom that they all mixed together blended really well with the truffle oil. It was smooth yet creamy. It was DELISH!

caesar salad with lengua croutons
I was kind of expecting the lengua croutons to be actual dried and squared lengua turned into croutons. However, what I got was lengua cut into crouton bar sized and served with croutons and fresh greens. This was actually pretty good as well.

Mushroom Pasta with Blue Cheese P189
I was only able to take a bite of this even though all my other companions ordered this.  However, the one bite that I had was more than enough to convince me that it seems everything on their menu was a hit.

Lamb Kaldereta with Risotto P525
This is my main dish, the lamb kaldereta with risotto rice. It was heavy, it was soft and chewy, and it was REALLY REALLY good. The lamb was cooked just right and the potato and risotto were just perfect for me.

Finally, I had the tsokolate EH!. I wanted to try tsokolate AH! as well but I had to stop myself for I have indulged much too much.

The tsokolate EH! tasted like chocnut that was turned into liquid. It was nutty, it was chocolatey, and it was definitely something that I have never tried before. 

Tsokolate EH! P85

Overall, my friends and I had a fun night and I'm very happy that FM was able to converse with them and that we were able to have a relaxing, chill night.

As for Casa Roces, I am definitely recommending this place to everyone for the cozy interiors and ambience, EXCELLENT SERVICE that the staff provides and the wonderful food that the kitchen staff was able to whip. There was not a single dish that disappointed.

In fact, the only downfall was that I was not able to try the souffle because I was already too full. :(


  1. Try nmn to one time! Prang msarp nga lht.. Glad you enjoyed the food. :)

  2. I've been thinking of going here with my sister. I hope ok lang yung price. :)

  3. how much does a meal cost??


  4. We had a late lunch there in Casa Roces. I loved the food! :D

  5. I haven't tried that place but the ambiance is gorgeous. Is it pricey? It looks intimidating eh

  6. I updated the pics to come with the prices ... my bad guys


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