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O'Railey's Cafe

My good friend Rochelle recently opened a cafe called O'Railey's Cafe in G/F One Joroma Place Bldg, Congressional Ave QC. It's located just a few buildings from Starbucks and right beside Crave Burger Congressional.

I took this opportunity to see her since its been years since we last saw each other and at the same time, host a bloggers event to cover her cafe and spreading the news of its existence in the blogging world.

The place was small but very cozy. It can sit around 10 people and it had the homey feel of a cafe. The chairs were comfortable to sit at but not too comfortable to warrant sitting on for hours. This is probably a good move on the owners part to ensure the turn around of people.

I also like how a lot of the small details were personalized. It felt that the cafe had a personality of its own.

We were given 4 drinks to try. We had the Cafe Mocha and Caramello for the hot drinks and we had the sparkling soda as well as the milk tea.

caramello ... my favorite!

cafe mocha

uber refreshing Sparkling Soda

Wintermelon and Hazelnut milk tea
I liked most of the drinks. It was served with just the right amount of sugar and the taste was not overbearing. It didn't leave any aftertaste which was a plus in my book. Not seen here is the Strawberry Milk Tea that we had which was really good.

They also serve pasta and cakes. 


Overall, I would definitely recommend their coffee, sparkling soda, and milk tea. I have yet to try their cake and savor the pasta next time. I was so full that I wasn't able to do justice to it.
with the owner, Rochelle
with the other bloggers, Julie and Berylle
If you want to know more about O'Raileys Cafe, you can go to their facebook page. If you happen to pass by Congressional Ave, do pass by their place. You won't regret it.

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* I was invited to review the food. I did not pay for my meal. However, the free meal did not in any way sway my opinion and everything you read here is MY PERSONAL OPINION. 


  1. Aww.. Sayang talaga I wasn't able to come with you guys. The drinks look yummy! :) Will try to drop by at O'Railey's soon though. Or hopefully there'll be another blogger tasting for this cafe.. ^^

  2. if there is, I shall let you know asap

  3. Andaming food and drinks!

    Nabusog na ako for you.. Just reading this post...

  4. The lattes are way too cute. And the food makes me hungry.

  5. @ thirdy: sama ka next time

    @ joyg: sobrang busog

  6. Pasta looks really yummy. :) Too bad Congressional is too far from my place. :(

  7. I love the presentation of the caramello and cafe mocha.. :)

    I will visit this cafe when I find myself in Manila.. :P It's just near my mom's home.. :)

  8. If there is another bloggers tasting event here, let me know and count me in (so long as my calendar permits)!

    Much love, Christia

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  9. comfort, ambiance and coffee taste are the things i look for a Cafe plus the wifi connection.

    Does it have a wifi connection too?

  10. looking at the pics... i suddenly have the urge to eat LOL... Yahweh bless.

  11. Sorry, I don't drink coffee. Enjoy your coffee break at O'Raileys Cafe. Besides, I don't crave for such alertness-inducing drink since I was a kid, though my parents were drinking them every early in the morning.

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  12. i like the place .it looks cozy plus the food and drinks looks good.

  13. Pamatay ang resto nayan at ang kape owwwwww!! Gosh the design is possible pala. panu naman ginawa un, asti naman.

  14. I love cafe mocha and carbonara.. this made me crave for more coffee ..haha thanks for sharing! :)

  15. So cute naman the designs! I love it! Effort! Wishing your friend success on her business :)

  16. The place looks quiet and cozy. Congrats to your friend Rochelle. :)

  17. I love the latte designs! I'm really used to the typical "heart" so it's nice to see something new for a change.

  18. good luck to your friend's business. is this cheaper compared to other coffe shops?

  19. I love caramello and pesto. Those creative desings on caramello really amazed me.


  20. An alternative from Starbucks. I think I want to try that wintermelon milk tea. Looks yummy.

  21. Worth a try specially I got tired of the coffee and pastries at Starbucks. It doesn't hurt to deviate my cravings for coffee to a different brand.

  22. nice place..i haven't tried O'Raileys Cafe, the food and drinks here look really delicious, will try the yummy pasta, and, where's the cake? i love the cafe mocha, and the designs really beautiful. i always post coffee pictures in my fb album , "enjoying coffee' ^_^

  23. i like to try their carbonara and hazelnut milk tea

    Visiting thru Filipino Bloggers Worldwide FB Group

  24. i love milk tea... but, umm, what's wintermelon? haven't heard of that here in dubai :(

  25. i need a coffee now!

    nice ambiance and presentation of coffee, drinks and food...do they offer cakes and sandwiches too?

  26. at first, I read it as "oh really". This looks like a good place to stop buy for a snack or too. With their limited capacity, that was a good idea to make their chairs have a "comfortable expiration time" (pass this time and you won't be comfortable with the chair anymore lol).

  27. tingin palang masarap na!hihihi. nasa line ba sya ng starbucks and other cafe stores?


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