Tuesday, December 27, 2011

31 Things Project: Date # 3

It's been over a month since I last went out with B. Of course K tagged along as well. Since I multitask, I also made this an opportunity to meet up with Jay.

Jay is going back to Saudi tomorrow and so we had one last hurrah since it will be 2 years till he comes back. He treated B, K, and I to Conti's.

I feel so blessed to have met this person. He truly is a blessing. The love he has for his wife is simply a sight to behold. He makes me believe that there are still faithful men in this world. I just haven't been fortunate enough to meet them. Thank you Jay for taking time out to meet with me one more time before you head off. See you in 2013.

Now, off to recap my date with B and K. We got to ATC a bit earlier than we should have. I immediately got myself some milk tea and B and K went off to Timezone to play. I also played a round but felt funny because I was going against such a small opponent. LOL.

After Jay left, we went to our favorite place in the entire world ... Powerbooks.

Simple things ... simple pleasures. This is what life is about. Our date may have been short but it was still quality time spent together.


  1. Im so inggit...you have a very simple ate and yet very happy and satisfied...no amount of money can be greater than this

  2. enjoy life with friends ,About the faithful man ,believe me ,there are still lots of them out there. why not try foreigners for a change , if you don't mind .there are lots of filipinas like me who are happily married to foreigners(american and brits.).They don't care about our past and our having kids.

  3. Looks like you had a lot of fun =) A miss going out with a kid. I'm always the kid at heart around whenever we go out haha

  4. Aww.. This post is just so sweet.. :) It's really nice that you had another date with B, and even with K. Such a nice achie! ^^


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