Sunday, December 18, 2011

B's 1st School Xmas Party

It was fate. I wasn't supposed to be able to attend B's Christmas Party but things happened and I had some angels that were sent my way. Someone gave approval. Someone agreed to shift schedules and the heavens smiled.

I was able to attend his first Xmas party. He sang, danced, and performed in a band. He did really well too. I saw that he took pains to perfect his dance moves and play his part as Joseph.

Here he is singing, dancing, and performing in a "marching band."

singing Silent Night
finale of Silent Night
dancing to Last Christmas
playing the tambourine
I felt teary eyed when I saw him perform. I realized that he is slowly becoming his own person. I saw him interact with his classmates and I'm very happy that he is very sociable and knows to apologize when he does wrong. I feel that I have accomplished something when I saw that he is not an outsider in his class and has friends.

with his best friend
I'm really glad that B adjusted well to being in school. I'm also happy that I made some new Mommy friends in B's school.

B received a lot of gifts and this made him very happy. He also enjoyed the food that was brought in by the other Moms.


  1. Kenny, Stage Mom Level 1 na.hehe. Peace! :D

  2. Aaaw. I love the last picture of B. :)

  3. 1st x'mas party... marami pang 1st sa school na mangyayari. have fun :)

  4. awww...the message on the blackboard is so sweet....

  5. A first of many! It looks like he had fun :)

  6. Wooow.. Stage mom sis! :P Hehehe! :)

  7. Wooow.. Stage mom sis! :P Hehehe! :)


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