Tuesday, December 27, 2011

my blog is my gasoline ...

1998 - 2004 .... I have always wrote about my emotions. This is one thing I learned when I was undergoing therapy after trying to slit my wrists. I need to write my emotions since I didn't have enough courage to talk about it before. I would write in little pieces of paper then throw it out, journals then I would destroy it,or notebooks then I'd ball up the paper and chuck it.

2005 - 2006 ....  I discovered the beauty of blogging. I gave birth back then and people would always ask about updates regarding the baby and had a lot of pointers. I got tired of repeating the same story (yes, I wasn't that Mom who could tell the same story over and over again) and I also realized, I could share these pointers with others.

2007 - 2010 ... Blogging added fuel to my fire ... it was the gasoline that kept my strength burning when my relationship with my son's father fell to smithereens. It was the gasoline that kept me alive. Blogging is where I could tell the world about the pain and the hurt that I was going through without breaking down. You see, I could not break down because a little boy was relying on me to keep it together.

2011 ... my blog has become my gasoline. It is the one thing that keeps things together for me. My blog keeps my dreams alive, forces fear and uncertainties to stay at bay, and documents life's precious moments. This is where I keep everything. It may be for the entire world to read, see, and comment but at the end of the day, it is mine to keep.

My blog is my gasoline. It is one of the things that keep me going.

This is my entry to The Gasoline Dude’s Blogversary Writing Contest. I want to win the 1TB Portable Hard Drive!


  1. I am relatively new in WordPress (only started last March), though my first brush with blogging started last 2007 pa with Multiply.com. I am blogging because I am so fond of writing. :-)

  2. I also write to express myself, when I am mad or just want to laugh my heart out. Reading stories from blogsites inspire me. I know when you write it is really where you can be yourself, just you and your pen.

  3. It may be for the entire world to read, see, and comment but at the end of the day, it is mine to keep.

    well said. I always look upon blogs that are raw and honest. In this sphere, it's hard to be honest.

    Nice entry. GOod luck :)

  4. Hurray for blogging! :) I started blogging in 2004, back when I was this angsty, infatuated, emo-ridden high schooler. :P

  5. Wow ang tagal mo ng nagbablog. At andami mo ng naexperience sa pagbloblog. It is indeed your gasoline haha goodluck sa contest :)


  6. blogging also became my outlet, and i think ill continue blogging for myself and not just to please anyone...

    blogging is a good therapy, horray to blogging! horray to you and your blog!

  7. Parang nakakainspire naman yang my blog is my gasoline. Tamang tamang pampagana sa umaga.
    Good luck ate.

  8. wow, tagal mo nang blogger pala, how many blogs do you have na? goodluck on the contest :)

    Merry Christmas from RJ's Mama

  9. wow gudlak to contest:) u have a good post, i know u can make it

  10. Truly blogging is a life-changing hobby :) I, myself had experience a drastic change in my lifestyle since I entered the world of blogging. As you said like a gasoline, it fuels up my day! More power!

  11. After more than a month of reading and putting scores on each entry, FINALLY! Check my blog for the list of winners. Salamat sa paglahok at pagsuporta sa aking munting patimpalak. :)


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