Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Treat 2011

I took a vacation leave just to be chaperon for the day since no one will take the kids trick or treating if I don't. Yep, I'm the resident alalay (stage sister / stage mother.)

Here are some shots of the event. I'm too tired to tell more. LOL. 

with Bridezilla

with the Toy Story Gang

who says I'm scared?

Professor McGonagall, I think.

with the Dragonball Z dude

at Pizza Hut!


  1. O hai, young Prof. McGonagall. :)

  2. well, the pictures are enough to tell your story that day :-)

  3. Love the photos! Looks like your son and lil sis had loads of fun.. :) Have a happy Halloween and safe All Saints' Day achie Kay.

  4. thanks everyone, esp to Aria ... yey! I could pass for her na hahaha

  5. ang saya naman...c bradzilla ang bongga lang:)

  6. my officemate went on a leave last Friday to do the same but she wasn't in costume too...

    Aminin mo... di ka lang taga bantay.. trick or treater ka din...


  7. best part of halloween, the costumes! ansaya! im always a fan!

  8. @ sunnytoast: nakakatuwa no? winner sobra!

    @ thirdy: bwahahahaha! you caught me! guilty as charged

    @ chyng: sobrang saya. gusto ko nga sumali next year e


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