Wednesday, October 5, 2011

my ideal mate

I read somewhere that if you want to make a wish with God, you  need to be really specific and desire it with all your heart. For the last 30 years of my life, I've been making wishes but was never really THAT specific. Latest events taught me that it is necessary.

You see, I used to wish that I would meet someone who was smarter than me ... someone I could talk to for hours ... laugh with, converse about anything and everything under the sun. I also said that I wanted him to have a car, financially stable, and taller than I am. I asked that he be a book lover and knows how to appreciate food, movies, music, and be opinionated. I wanted someone who would treat me like a queen and take care of me.

I met someone like that. It was perfect. Unfortunately, the circumstances he was in prevented anything from further developments. He was a forbidden.

I guess this was the part that I missed to tell God. So God, I'm revising my list and I am making it really specific now.

Dear God, 

I know that I have been so blessed in life. You have thrown storms, tsunamis, hurricanes, typhoons, earthquakes, and landslides my way and yet, here I am, still standing strong and able to do the catwalk of life. I am deeply grateful. This is also why I have been giving back in anyway I could.

I may not be financially that stable but I am able to provide for my son's education and needs. When I am not, you send angels my way to help me.

You gave me smarts and I am in awe of that. However, it seems that you really didn't want anyone to be perfect so I also got unwanted flab and a pretty stupid heart.

So I pray to you for my ideal mate ... that he comes when I am healed and whole again. I pray for my ideal mate to be ...

someone who loves you, believes in you, lives with you in his heart and follows your teachings ... a man who is centered on you is more likely to be a great partner ... 

someone who will love me and cherish me ... respect my opinions, my beliefs, and ME .. 

someone legally single and is not in a complicated relationship with anyone ... someone who is truly free to be with me 

someone who will be proud to have me as his partner and not just use me as decor ... 

someone who wants me for me, flabs and all ... not someone who is just out to make another conquest 

someone who is family oriented and respects women ... so I know that I will not be battered again physically, emotionally, mentally, and psychologically 

someone who has infinite patience because I'm bipolar and I have mood swings at times 

someone who has a strong character who can handle me .. who can tame me but not break me ... someone who can accept me, my past, my mistakes, my flaws 

someone who can take care of me ... and my son ... he needs to accept that my son will be a part of our life ... a LARGE part 

someone who is LOYAL and FAITHFUL ... a one woman  man ... I know they are rare but I demand for someone like that ... 

someone understanding and not insanely jealous ... someone I can trust and who will trust me

someone who has courage and confidence in himself. 

someone who knows how to make money and how to keep it. 

someone whom I can talk to for hours and not be bored ... about life, love, lessons, music, movies, books, plays. 

someone who will laugh with me, not at me

someone who hugs a lot and is romantic and can surprise me from time to time with sweet nothings

Physically ... I want someone at least 5 years older than I am ... at least 5'9 in height, good strong built, pleasant looking and with no smells please. Dimples would be nice. No beer belly.

There God ... I think I've been specific enough ...

And if he doesn't exist, then PLEASE .... PLEASE ... PLEASE .... do not let me fall in love again. 



  1. Hahaha! Ang tunay na lalake, may beer belly. LOL! Seriously, my prayer for you is to find happiness and peace of mind, and of course, strength and healing as you requested. :)

  2. salamat ... kelangan ko yan sobra

  3. Good luck! You certainly deserve it.

  4. We pretty much are looking for the same guy, but mine is 6 feet tall :)... and I don't mind a beer belly :) I hope you finally find someone who truly deserves you.

  5. Here is my 2 cents worth. We want a lot. In our universe we formulate the ideal person we want to be with. Over the years we mature, get heartbroken (that seems to be a constant, even the Princess of Showbiz like KC bowled her eyes out and on national tv, no less), and change our outlook in life. The vision of our ideal mate changes with it.

    Your list shows a woman who has values, pragmatism and the desire to be loved and be happy. My life has run a parralel course as you, so we pretty much have the same list. If I show you mine, we would be checking the same things. I think I have it there that he cooks better than me (a chef perhaps? hehe).

    Lo and behold, one like that actually showed up. OMG. Shucks, he is actually legally single at 42. That factor was suspect for a while as to his actual gender preference of the number of live-in relationships he had had. The latter has been true, as I found out. Ok, I have a past too and never married myself. Swak!

    Arms crossed in front of me, go ahead, we spent hours on Q and A sessions, just telling stuff about ourselves, no pressure, no judgement. He explained that in his life orbit, he got honed to be the person he is, being prepared for me. He said I don't need the list anymore. I only need to take him. He is the list and more, in surprises and love. Now naka baywang na ko ( hands on my hips). LOL He, every minute or every chance he gets, tell me he loves me and shows in gesture or act that he cares for me, and its ok that he loves me more than I love him. He actually said, that is how it should be.

    I have a problem with belief. I am working on it. I know that God loves me, He has shown so many times since my conception. Somehow, I have to work on something about believing what is shown. And so, what is love, smells love, acts love, talks love, I believe with a gulp, is love.

    This moment is all I can attest to. I take him as he is, cause he is everything in our list.


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