Sunday, October 16, 2011

Geek Fight: All Hallow's Geek

Since this has become a monthly thing for me, I have started to look forward to actually reviewing and getting a decent score during Geek Fight. This geek fight edition though, I wasn't able to review at all because life happened and so I aimed for the next best thing: havin' fun at Geek Fight.

As with past geek fights, it delivered. The night was spend laughing like hyena's because of inane answers we came up. Some of which are as follows:
Q: What is the real name of Chuckie in Child's Play?
A: Chuckie Dreyfus. 
Another one was what does CAG stand for? I answered: "Cute ang Group ko." Hahahaha ... since we didn't know the answer, we just aimed for the KitKat that was being given away for crazy answers.

We received only 2 twinkies. Our record was 5. Yes, we are proud of it too.

All Hallows Geek was the name of the event and we were asked to come in costume. Since our group name is the Worst Group Ever, we decided to live up to the name and not exert effort in our costumes. We came up as Black Ninja's and brought black shirts. LOL. This was our inspiration.

This is the end result. Pretty cool right?

Unfortunately, the host thought that we were bombers or terrorists. Hence, this picture.

Overall, we had good food and fun which is what mattered. Oh, I also got pictures of the other teams who came in costume. They rocked!

And with that ... we had an all hallows geek.


  1. This is fun Kay, is it a monthly event? and is it sponsored by your company or just your circle of influences. It's cool.

  2. OO nga black shirt lang pwede ng maging ninja! Nice idea!Nakakatuwa namn yung costume nyo!

  3. @ jay: It's a monthly thing ... just circle of friends ... not by the company hehehe

    @ anney: astig diba? nakakatuwa!

  4. Great idea! such gathering makes the friendship even closer. :))))

  5. @ jay: you should join us next time :)

  6. Hehehe...hiya ako eh...hehehe...let's see. But thanks for the invite.


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