Tuesday, October 11, 2011

random musical moments

I was riding in my friends car earlier on the way home when some songs played on the radio. We were listening to 96.3 which is my favorite station and it was one mellow hit after another. I kept singing to the songs and giving anecdotes about how so and so songs happened on so and so event that I decided to just share some of those moments with you guys.

So, here goes a list of random songs and the moments attached to it. Enjoy and reminisce with me.

Random Song # 1: Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls 

Music man would always sing this song at the end of his gigs when I watch them. The thing is, they're all about Dave Matthews and never play mainstream songs like Iris. The crowd would know then that I was there watching when he plays this song because he would always introduce it this way: "To you, because you love this song and because if I was an angel, I'd give up my wings for you."

Eeeekkk. Hahahahaha.

Random Song # 2: I Will Be Here by Steve Chapman 

First BF was waiting for me to finish playing volleyball. Soon as I was done, he gets my bag and we head over to the bleachers. He takes out a song hits magazine (yes, they existed back in '95) and shows me this song. He tells me that every lyric, every word is meant for me. I, of course, get all giddy. He sings. Toink.

Random Song # 3: How Do I Live by Trisha Yearwood 

JS Prom and I was walking across the auditorium when someone speaks into the mic and says that the next song they will be playing is dedicated to me. They play How Do I Live. I froze, panicked, got upset, and never did find out who dedicated the song to me. He remains anonymous till now. Weird.

Random Song # 4: Right Here Waiting by Richard Marx 

School fair. I was being "married" to a senior and I was a freshman. Needless to say, I was not happy. Add to that my opinion that boys were trouble and you can imagine the frown on my face. Suddenly, I hear first boyfriends voice over the phone saying that no matter how many times I say no (we were not together at that time) he will be right there waiting.

I died. Hahahahaha.

Random Song # 5: Make You Feel my Love by Kris Allen

I was mad at someone who shall remain nameless. I thought he was playing me for a fool and we talked on the phone. He was explaining his side and couldn't do it properly. He then tells me, "all I want to say, is in this song." He plays this, I cried. I really cried.

I might have more of these in the upcoming days. For now, these are the ones I can remember. Maybe, they are the ones worth remembering.


  1. Hey Kay, perhaps I'm new to you but your blog isn't new to me. I've constantly following your blog entries for quite sometime now.

    Your Random Musical Moments entry just leave me with a grin while I was reading it. hehehe...It seems you're someone who's always inspired on people, events, and things.

    Continue the good work. God bless. Hope you'll find time following my blogs too...hehehe..:)))


  2. I am always inspired. Its the only way to survive life.

    Thanks ... I shall check your blog out.

  3. Oh my, those are the songs of my life! I especially like Iris :)

    Whatever happened to first boyfriend? Where is he now? Such a sweet guy :)

  4. First boyfriend is married now and with kids living in New York. He was real sweet. :)


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