Sunday, October 2, 2011

munimuni # 68

It's been a crazy 3 weeks. The last time I had a post like this, it was almost a month ago and life as I knew it was slightly different from what I know of it now. Let's just say that in such a short time, a lot has happened.

I said on the last entry that I will go out less and spend more time at home. I said that I will choose who I go out with and it won't be with just anyone ... it will have to be with someone. I can say that I have stayed true to my word.

I have spent less time with other people and more time with my family and work friends. I have fewer posts about activities and more about moments and memories. I have less connections with others and more connections with me.

Save for a heartbreak that happened, I can say that I am indeed more at peace with myself. I may have lost another group that was dear to me and whom I have been with for over a year but I've come to realize that EVERYTHING happens for a reason.

This week's munimuni, I focus on the fact that I am more connected to my son and this is proven with my son telling me earlier today, "Mommy, I like it when you cook for me, read for me, bathe me, and watch DVD's with me."

And with that, I am all good. I may have had my heart broken but it will never fall apart.


  1. aaawwww... I like what your son told you. I guess he really misses you so much.

    You've been through a lot, and I do think you are a strong woman, Kay. If anything, i wish I were like you in that aspect...

  2. Whoa ... and here I am wanting to be as strong as you are ... I envy you kaya kasi at least may Mr SO ka ... ako wala pa rin ... and I don't think I'm ready to meet him


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