Thursday, October 6, 2011

something borrowed ... something blue

borrowed time was what we had
no promises of a future ever made
only lies that you truly cared
only lies that were uttered and said.

I was a fool to believe your truths
I was a fool to believe your lies
It seems that I was nothing but a conquest
But, oh, what a conquest it truly was

I seek no malice, vengeance, or retribution
For in what we had you lost more than I ever will
For I can love exactly the same
but you will never be loved the same way again.

all these emotions
simply because of something borrowed
all these pain and memories
leave me with something blue.


  1. Such a heartfelt and well-written poem, Kay! I hope you're starting to feel better....

  2. really? thanks ...

    I feel better now ... healing process


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