Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I've been hearing about this place a lot lately and I finally got the chance to eat out at this place. I love the name of it. It reminds me of our little dog named Wiccanrose who is also a chihuahua but looks like a rat permy ex-boyfriend. Hmm, maybe that's why he's an ex no?

Chihuahua is a MexTex restaurant that serves authentic Mexican food. I was lucky enough to have been entertained by 2 of the owners and they gave me a tour of the place and some trivias.

salsa bar
with the owners
the hot sauce collection
Photo # 1: It's the salsa bar where you can get different kinds (6 I believe, I was too busy looking at the owner to pay much attention to the salsa which I was never fond of) and it ranges from mild to crazy spicy. My date went to try some but I was too chicken to try it.

Photo # 2: That's me with the owners. They were really nice and handsome too. Imagine, food + gorgeous and smart men = heaven. Haha

Photo # 3: This is their hot sauce collection. It's crazy how many they have. I actually wanna help them out and I'll ask some friends who's going to places we don't really visit to get some hot sauce for them. It's nice to be part of someone's collection of items.

Seriously, I liked the place. I liked the ambience, the owners who were very accommodating (or maybe we got lucky coz we went there so late at night that there were almost no people around) and I love the food. I'm not really into Mexican food but I am starting to develop a taste for it.

I like how its so laid back and relaxed. It wasn't pretentious at all. It was a place where you could just kick back and slouch and be loud with friends. Love it.

tortilla soup

3 kinds of tacos: pork, chicken, and beef

nacho GRANDE, good for 4
My date and I feasted on these and it was so good but the servings were so big and we just couldn't finish everything. I did have a bite of all that we ordered and I was just in bliss. The food was everything it should be and everything it shouldn't be (I'm talking about the calories ... I could feel my hips expanding.)

It definitely did not disappoint. It may have a funny name, but trust me when I say you'd be telling people, "Lets go to Chihuahua."


  1. Where is this? Do they have mojitos?

  2. they got mojitos, margaritas, tacos, burrito ... a-venue makati

  3. food, food, food.

    yum, yum, yum

    TAKAW mode. LOL..haha

  4. bwahahaha ... indi pwede ... kelangan bora mode ako soon


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