Friday, October 28, 2011

date a personal blogger only if ....

Date a personal blogger only if you are ready to be written about. Personal bloggers you see are not like the techie bloggers who share information that could be useful in your daily life (like how to turn on the computer or not use a brush as stencil for your iPad.) They are also not like the Mommy bloggers who share tips about child raising and rearing or housekeeping. Personal bloggers blog about their life, their emotions, and whatever they are going through. They blog about their family, friends, kids, work at times (be careful not to blog about the woes though; as they say, what goes on the net, stays forever) and most of all, their love lives.

Date a personal blogger only if you are ready to be seen by the world. Personal bloggers will take photos and post it on their blogs. This is a good thing if you have been a good person to them. Now, if you broke their hearts like the last a-hole that I dated did ... have FEAR. You see, he told me to never blog him and I said I wouldn't, unless he gives me a reason to (you know, like if he breaks my heart into tiny little pieces which he did.) So to you mister: you lied, I blog. Touche. 

Date a personal blogger only if you are ready to share some moments with a lot of strangers. Personal blogs are like diaries. It is used to remember and capture scenes that happened as well as immortalize memories. They will set in stone (or at least until the hosting stays) and could be gone back to in years. I plan to print out  some key articles here and book bind it.

Date a personal blogger most of all if you do not intend to break her heart. Personal bloggers will write about it because it is one way to let the pain go. Writing about the heartache and heartbreak serves as a release and a reminder that the douche bag you fell in love with is really not Prince Charming. He's not even a frog.  Frogs are cute. 

Most of all, date a personal blogger like me only if you should be dating and not sneaking around pretending to be eligible when you are not. I will write about you, I will blog about you, I will put a photo of you on my blog, and most of all, I will tell the world about the callous way you broke my heart. This is just an introduction on the next heartbreak story that I will write about. As with the others, no names will be dropped but all gory details shall be posted.

So to the men out there, date a personal blogger only if you are ready to be written about.


  1. And don't forget to post their photos!

  2. Amen!


    I used to be a personal blogger myself... until 2 girls got too vicious, for reasons unknown. Now, I try to make my posts as detached as possible. Sad thing, really.

    About dating... liars, cheaters and a***oles are everywhere. Just be careful. It's risky, sure, but it can be fun too.

  3. Naku bigla namn ako na curious! hehehe! Abangan ko yan!

  4. Hey Kay, is a friendly meet-up be considered a date already? Like the one I am planning - a meet up with you for a new friendship celebration & to expand my circle of influences/friends.

  5. Love this post achie Kay! This is SO true, since I used to be a personal blogger too and posted about anything and everything in my life. I wasn't dating back then though.

    Anyway, I'm looking forward to this post's sequel. Kaka-curious! But I hope you're feeling better now. *hugs*


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