Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday Affirmations # 11

Yes, you are special. If you are single and looking, STOP. Do not look  for that person. He or she will come at the right time, the right place, and at the right moment.

I promise. I'm also just waiting for that person and I know that when the right time comes, at the right place, on the right moment, he will be there and he will introduce  himself to me. Then, our story will start.


  1. Don't look for one, instead i-discern mo sa taas. I'm sure He knows your desire. Kumbaga, kulitin mo lang SIYA na ipakilala sa'yo sa tamang panahon na ibibigay Niya.

    Just be the best that you can be while at a single stage. And when God's ready to introduce you one, you'll be luckiest woman who ever lived..hehe..kasi kapag binigay Niya isa lang ang ibig sabihin noon. He will stay with you until eternity.

  2. Sana nga ... thanks ha ... this is a big help :)

  3. walang anuman

    spread the love..hehehe :)


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