Monday, November 1, 2010

Tagaytay Misadventures

It started out with wanting to go out of town. Then our Mom remembered that Kirk was going to be a year at work now and cajoled him into treating us. Since the car wouldn't be there for another 2 hours, we got some paraffin wax treatment done on our foot and mani pedi done.

The trek to Tagaytay was a series of unfortunate events. When we got to Cliffhouse, almost everything was closed. LOL. We went to Leslie's but it was also closed too. We decided on Teriyaki boy which was closed too. We finally ended at Dencio's who was still smart enough to be open at 1030pm.

Then it rained on our way to Dencios and we were just walking. LOL.

Afterwards, the car overheated around 4x if I remember correctly. Wahhhh! It was so insane that it was laughable. It's all good though. What matters is that we had fun and we got home safely.

Here are the photos of us in the salon.

this is my brother, in pain, during the paraffin wax treatment

And here is our food in order. Molo Soup, crispy pata, adobong kangkong, chopsuey, lumpia, and sinugba platter. Yummy!

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