Friday, November 12, 2010

no man is an island

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**** This is an editorial in the DBT magazine where for some reason, God blessed me with the opportunity to be Editor in Chief for the 25th year Commemorative Issue. I would like to say that I am deeply honored that they even considered me.

In life, we say that no man is an island. In school, the same thing applies that's why we say, it takes a village to raise a child. This tells us that a single person cannot do everything by himself. In sports, there is always a coach behind the athlete. In dragonboat, this couldn't be more applicable.

Dragonboat is a sport where you can't be alone nor practice alone. It is a team sport. Everyone has to work with each other and no one is a star. From the drummer to the rest of the team, and even to the opposing teams, everyone is connected and need to work with each other to avoid a collision and to get the finish line first.

The Philippine Dragonboat Team has achieved a lot in their field imply because the Filipino has what it takes. We are a race that believes in helping out our neighbors. We believe that when we help each other out, we will accomplish more in a shorter time. We believe in teamwork. Most of all, we have courage to continue when all else fails.

The team may not have been given the chance to shine because they were not allowed to be part of the ASIAD this year but I know that they will continue to strive harder, paddle faster, and keep rowing until they reach their dreams. After all, that is what Filipinos are known for and the Phillipe Dragonboat Team is the epitome of what a Filipino is. Courageous, strong, ever hopeful, and always, A TEAM.

Sagwan Pilipinas. Sagwan, DBT!

** photo is owned by Judith Hakim.

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