Tuesday, November 2, 2010

people I am thankful for

Here is a list of the people who have come to matter to me in my 30 years of existence ... some of them are still here, some are not, some just passed by but left a mark, and some have chosen to stay.

1. My Mom of course - she and I have not always seen eye to eye but I know that she will die and kill for me to protect me and to ensure that I am always safe and not harmed

2. My Dad - for teaching me a valuable lesson that I need to ingrain in my body ... love your son to the bones, not just skin deep ... for true love is ensuring that you are able to give him the future he deserves, not just hugs and kisses

3. the Twins - they have taught me that though they fight like cats and dogs, nothing else matters than being together for they may fight severely right now, but 10 minutes later, they are okay again and talking ... the bond of twins is something few will understand and cannot be broken

4. K - for teaching me that even at a young age, and in moments of sanity, a child can be responsible ... I wish sometimes that I was as responsible as her when I was her age

5. my son B - for teaching me unconditional love and to be more forgiving ...

6. Arnie - for showing me that when you truly care, you do not ask for anything in return and that one should value the gems that you come across in life

7. Allan G. - we've been friends for 25 years now and I am so proud of us; we are a living testament that opposite sex can indeed be friends

8. Mark Ngo - he led a very short life but he reminded me that you do not need to be blood related to be family ... for this and more, I will always be thankful

9. Vida - We knew each other for only 2 months when the first wave came. I left home and she volunteered to store my things. We barely knew each other but she was with me the whole day, calming my frayed nerves, soothing my soul, and forming a lasting friendship. Fast forward to 6 years later, she is now godmother to my child and still soothing my frayed nerves. She proved to me that  there are still angels on earth.

10. my exes - yes, they matter too for if not for them being the a-holes that they were, I wouldn't be the strong woman that I am now ... through the tears that I shed for them, I have become a tougher, stronger, and better person

11. the many countless strangers who have been nice to me at one point in time or another as well as my friends and coworkers who have made an impact on me ...

To all of you ... thank you ... you have helped mold who I am today.

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