Saturday, November 6, 2010

old friends, new friends

It's really a great experience when you meet an old friend whom you have not seen for years nor talked to. It feels so good to step back into time and slip on the old personas but with a more mature feel to it. Such is what happened to me today when I saw Karen. The last time I spoke to her was years ago and now, she's already an eye doctor. It was surreal.

the eye doctor
I am so proud of how far along she has come and how she has remained grounded and sweet. She's been able to achieve a lot and I just feel honored to be her friend. We're seeing each other at a friend's bridal shower and I am so excited to see some of my high school friends as well as glee club friends. Eekkk.

After seeing Karen, I went to Chili's to meet some new friends. They are my Fil-Chi group and though we have only met once and this was our 2nd time to eat out, I feel so comfortable with them. Here's what we ordered. 

chips and cheese ... YUMMY YUMMY cheese

mestique chicken salad

seafood chowder soup

 And here we are ... the same old group who dined at Fish Out of Water ...

And afterwards, 3 of us trooped to Seattles Best Coffee and had some mindblowing converstations. LOL ...

my Raspberry Mocha Kiss ...
And when I got home, I saw this curtain in my room. Happiness.

So pink. LOL!

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