Monday, November 8, 2010

farewell weng ...

I received a call today from an elementary friend. She brought shocking news with her. It seems that one of our classmates passed away this morning. She was only 31. She left behind two kids and a sister who love her dearly. She was a friend.

We were not close but I had fond thoughts of her. She was always nice to me. I didn't expect it but tears fell when I heard the news. I cried for her, for the life she could have had, and for her sister whom I know would surely feel lost without her.

You don't know this Weng but you are loved by me, my sister, and my Mom. You are treasured. We'll see you in heaven.


  1. So sorry about your friend. I also feel bad for her kids.

  2. It was a very sad way to see old schoolmates and the like.


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