Wednesday, November 24, 2010

abandoned memories

Do you have any memories that you would like to abandon? Do you have any thoughts that you would like to erase as soon as it passes by your mind? Do you have an experience that you wish never happened, that you wish you did not have to go through?

I have a lot of those ... I have so many bad experiences that I wish I didn't have to go through so that I never had to feel the pain that I felt ... to shed the tears that I shed ... to have my heart broken over and over again ...

I wish I could abandon them ... erase them ... delete or skip ... but I can't ... we all can't. Short of getting amnesia, we cannot forget these memories or experiences that we go through. We shouldn't. Yes, we shouldn't.

If we do ... then we won't learn ... we won't hurt ... we won't be better ... so don't ... do not erase those memories ... do not delete or skip ... do not forget them ... and never abandon them. They are what makes you a better person ... they are what made you what you are now .... they are, YOU.

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