Saturday, November 20, 2010

Harry Potter 7 movie night ...

I watched Harry Potter 7 Part 1 last night with my brothers, Arnie, Lans, and Mermaid. The movie totally rocked ... it was dark and depressing ... it was what Harry Potter 7 should be. It had light moments but it was purely dark as it should be because it is the end of a great story. I shed some tears at the end of the movie when someone important died ... I couldn't help it. It was a good thing that I watched it with family. It helped eased the sadness.

Here are some photos from a very fun night ...

And before we watched the movie, we started the day with dinner at A-Venetto. I like the place actually. It was cozy, the service was really good ... and the food was so filling. We actually did not end up eating everything ... the England Pizza and the Nut Pesto Pasta with Chicken we had to take home.

And we had coffee at Seattles Best before the movie and Starbucks after the movie.

It was so much fun!


  1. My daugher and I are looking forward to seeing Harry Potter. We love the books and wish there were more stories.

  2. You guys should really watch it! It's so worth all the wait!


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