Tuesday, November 23, 2010

eh di balls ...

I was invited to try out the Ed Di Balls Takoyaki Balls and since I am a sucker for Takoyaki Balls, I of course agreed. Have a look at what I had and what the kiosk looks like.

The takoyaki is mad of flour and egg topped with cabbage, squid or beef, and cooked in these really cute thingies (LOL) where they are made to take the form of a ball. It's pretty easy to cook and best eaten when still hot. They are topped with 2 kinds of sauce and some NORI (which I super loved!) and served in a styro or paper holder.

There are two other "brands" of Takoyaki that I really like but Eh di Balls managed to creep in at number 3. The red ice tea is also something worth trying since its not a run of the mill kind of red ice tea ... it actually has that cherry-strawberry feel to it.

Overall, I'd definitely give Eh di Balls another if I pass by the place. It is located at:

Festival Mall
3rd floor - near Pixie Forest 

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