Sunday, October 26, 2008

munimuni # 24

This week has been full of challenges and blessings. Challenges because I've realized that though I am slowly moving on from my past, the future is still affected by what happened in my past. I almost ruined something beautiful but luckily, it was saved. Thank you.

I realized that I need to unlearn some things and that I need to let go. I need to accept that I am beautiful the way that I am, including the extra bulges in my tummy and my thunder thighs. I will never be as thin as I was before but I am also never going to be that naive and silly.

I am turning 28 this Thursday and for that I am thankful. I am thankful because I have a family that loves me and supports me no matter what. I am thankful for Arny who may hate my bratty ways from time to time andmy being selfish but still loves me no matter what. I know that he would defend me at all costs. I am thankful for my friends and for newfound friends. I am thankful that yes, I am financially not in a good place but the fact is, I am still way better off than a lot of people.

Most especially, I am thankful for my son. He gives me strength to survive, to move on, to live. He is the reason why after I cry and break down, I am able to stand again. He is the reason why amidst all the trial I went through, I am still alive. He is my reason. He is my life.

PS. I just had a very simple advanced bday celebration and it was really really nice. My family was there and two important people in my life, Jo and RJ. Thanks guys for making time.


  1. A mother's love towards her son....wonderful.....

  2. turning a year older but wiser. you are one tough woman and definitely admirable. just keep on believing that things can only get better :) advance happy birthday to us!

  3. thank you both of you ... for the kind words that really warm my heart ...

  4. That's a lot of good things to be thankful for. It's also good to have family and friends who are there for you.


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