Thursday, October 23, 2008

love consistently

I can never understand people who profess undying love one minute and go all cold the next. I can never understand what goes on in their minds. How can you say you love someone and be all cruel the next? How can you hold someone with tender arms and the next minute hurt them physically with the same arms that hugged them or caressed? How can you kiss someone with so much passion and the next verbally attack them like Hitler did the Jews? How can you say you love someone and yet not tend to their needs, wants, and desires?

Isn't the point of loving someone making them happy? Isn't the point of loving someone making them be better persons and fulfilling their desires? Isn't the point of loving someone glorifying them and teaching them to be the best that they can be? When did it start becoming about you and your wants, regardless if it hurts the person you love? How can that be love? How can that be loving?

Loving is about consistency. Loving is being there for the person, if not physically, then at least emotionally or in spirit. Loving is about compromise. Love is wanting to be with that person not because you cannot imagine life without that person but you can imagine life with that person every single day that you are breathing and living. Love is remembering that she prefers sweet things to salty, that she is dead scared of roaches and yes, it should be worth it to get up from bed at night to kill the fiend than to have her hovering in fear throughout simply because your sleep was more important. Love is sitting in that sofa and watching her try on clothes. After all, she is dressing up for you.

Love is about the small things. Love is a text, a hug, a look, a touch, a kiss. Love is caring enough to say she looks good if she does and telling her she needs to rest if she is tired. Love is cuddling. Love is reading her blog and commenting on things that caught your attention. Love is so many things. A rose, a piece of chocolate, cotton candy, comfortable flat shoes, a pillow, a blanket at night, a feel good movie.

Love is about the big things. Meeting her family, meeting her friends, making an effort to get along with people she likes. Love is about going with her to places she wants to go to and not being "obliged" to do so. Love is about enjoying strolls in the park no matter how cheesy it may seem. Love is about hanging out even when you're sleepy and knowing when to go home to actually sleep. Love is making her feel desired when she feels undesirable. Love is appreciating her quirks and eccentricities. Love is dancing in a coffee shop if the moment hits.

Love is the two of you. It is about making plans and sticking to it. Love means breaking up is not an option unless it is one of your deal breakers. Love means going through the bitchiness, grumpiness, bratinella moments, insensitivity, and the like. Love means accepting flaws and helping the other overcome it. Love means you have a joker and someone who can't take jokes and together, they fit rather well. Love is many things.

Love is about arguments. Love is about fighting and making up. Love is about growing together and growing old with each other. Love is about making memories. Love is about cherishing times together and missing each other when you're apart. Love is about running wild with each other and supporting your passions.

Love is you. Love is me. Love is us.

I wonder if I will ever have this kind of love?


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