Monday, October 13, 2008

munimuni # 22

This weekend was very fulfilling for me. I got to meet up with an old old friend of mine whom I have not seen for 4 years and we hanged out. He also got to meet someone special to me and it went pretty well. I got to talk to my Mom and sort my plans in life. Afterwards, I was able to rest pretty well. Made up for all the lack of sleep I had during the workdays.

Sunday was pretty eventful. I was supposed to be B's nanny but as luck would have it, I was invited to model for a funshoot. So off we went to UP Diliman and had more than 5 sets of pics taken. It was very exciting since we would have shoots in the middle of the street, at the jeepney stop, steps of the school, in an open field, and in an abandoned building. My heels were digging a hole in the soft earth but we continued. This is, I believe, the most fun I've had in a photoshoot.

I have souvenirs though. I counted 15 mosquiot bites on my legs. Lol!

I am blessed. I may have problems financially and some other things but I am blessed. I have people who love me (you know who you are peepz) and people who value me and know my worth. I have B. I am blessed.

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